About ShutterClass

ShutterClass is undergoing a renovation, as we prepare for v2 and a major expansion in our functionality!! Stay tuned!!

How it works…

ShutterClass brings together simple solutions to some of the key business challenges faced by professional photographers in today’s competitive landscape. Want an additional revenue stream for your business in the form of instructing workshops? ShutterClass can help. Need to reduce costs and streamline the administrative overhead associated with organising your commercial shoots? ShutterClass understands. Want your own studio space to call home but can’t afford the long term investment or don’t want the hassle? ShutterClass has a Partner Program.

You’re a photographer, and you want to host a workshop…

But you don’t know how? Can’t be bothered with the logistics of it all? Don’t want to worry about dealing with registrations, and payments, etc?? Then you’ve come to the right place!!

Our site update is going to automate most of this process for you, so in the interim we’re helping out photographers for free when they run their workshop at ShutterClass Studios!!

You’re a photographer, and you’re keen to attend a workshop…

ShutterClass is particularly easy for you – while we’re renovating simply head over to our temporary site at Melbourne Photography Workshops and search for and register on any workshop that takes your fancy!!

If your fave photographer isn’t hosting a workshop, send them our way and we’ll give them (and you) special recognition!!

Know a great photographer, but they don’t have a workshop listed?

Easy – jump onto the contact page and send us an email to nominate a photographer, and we’ll do the rest!!

And because you’re so helpful, the rewards will come to you!!

Got more questions??

No problems – let us know through the the contact page, and we’ll help out in any way we can!!

Where did ShutterClass come from?

ShutterClass (and ShutterClass Studios) are the creation of Melbourne-based freelance non-commercial professional photographer and occasional workshop instructor Jeff Paine.

Check out Jeff’s work and blog ramblings here!