Milk Workshops Wrap Up!

Welcome to 2012!! We hope everyone had a productive and successful festive season, and got in some quality time with their cameras!! Our apologies for the lack of recent updates, such is the hectic life of a busy studio and workshop support service – but we thought we’d kick off the year with the results from our most recent and hugely successful Milk Workshops, held with the amazing team from Aurum Light Studio! Aurum Light have updated their blog, and you can read the full post here. It was a great effort by everyone involved, including our amazing instructors, and we think the results speak for themselves!

Milk Workshop BTS - Sydney ThrowingMilk Workshop BTS - Melbourne ThrowingJust to recap, the Milk Workshops were held in Melbourne at our studios and in Sydney at the excellent L&P Photo Studios. On the first day, participants learnt how to throw milk at the models – you might scoff or laugh, unless you’ve actually tried to throw liquids in such a way as to get a particular shape or result, it’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds!! After a full day of throwing milk, everyone was a little over working with dairy and our models had experienced the equivalent of an 8-hour upright milk bath (good for the skin apparently!). Huge thanks to our star models in Melbourne and Sydney, their patience and positive involvement really helped everyone enjoy the day and relax under the pressure!

Milk Workshop BTS - Sydney EditingMilk Workshop BTS - Melbourne EditingOn day two the participants got into the editing epic – thinking the hard work of milk throwing was behind them, participants experienced some pretty intense editing instruction. At various points during the day we thought some heads were about to explode, but careful monitoring revealed no-ones brains had leaked out under the high pressure pace!

Of course, we’ve rambled enough about the event – it was amazing and we got some great feedback from everyone involved. We appreciate the support of Colin and the Paul C Buff Australia crew for their sponsorship of the event with Einstein e640‘s provided for both workshops – check them out, the lights are fantastic!! We’re looking forward to opportunities to work with Aurum Light Studio again in 2012, so if you’re keen to take part, drop us a note to register your interest and we’ll see if we can get them back!!

To finish, and with permission of Aurum Light, here’s links to two of their final images (and there are two more to come soon!!).

Sydney Milk Workshop (c) Aurum Light Studio

Sydney Milk Workshop (c) Aurum Light Studio

Thanks again to everyone involved – to our instructors, to the participants, to the models and our makeup crew, and to our suppliers – it was worth the effort, we think you’ll agree!